CA: Course of CA

CA: Course of CA Chartered Accountancy(CA) is one of the most prestigious and difficult professional courses in the country. To this end, the institutes of chartered accountants of India (ICAI) runs a program at three levels covering foundation, intermediate and final programs. It is a matter of pride and honor for an aspirant to be …

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Biotechnology Jobs: Career in Biotechnology

Biotechnology Jobs: Career in Biotechnology Biotechnology Jobs Former members of the central Biotechnology department and technocrats have launched a non-profit organization ‘Society of Biotechnology of India’ on 21 December 2019. It aims to promote core research in modern Biotechnology. The Biotechnology industry is the fastest growing in the country, converting raw materials into innovations, discoveries, …

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Indian Navy Recruitment

Indian Navy Recruitment Website: Indian Navy India Navy: Introduction Indian Navy is a naval wing of the Indian Defense System. Indian Navy is recognized as the cohesive and integrated three-dimensional force which is well capable of operating combative as well as defensive operations on and under the surface of the oceans. There are preset …

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Career in Gaming

career in gaming

Gaming Career In the upcoming years, Gaming Career will become a hot career. There will be a lot of job prospects here. There are many Gaming Career options available in this industry, which is given below. Keeping in mind the popularity of the PUBG (Player’s unknown battleground) in the country, the Chinese company Tencent organized …

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Fine Arts: Career

Fine Arts Famous artist John Ruskin has 4 coats, Fine Arts are where a person’s hand, heart, and brain work together. That is, if you can present objects, different forms of nature, someones’ pain, happiness, duplication in different ways, then Fine Arts career is for you. This profession, which has taken a wide form with …

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