Biotechnology Jobs: Career in Biotechnology

 Biotechnology Jobs: Career in Biotechnology 

 Biotechnology Jobs 

Former members of the central Biotechnology department and technocrats have launched a non-profit organization ‘Society of Biotechnology of India’ on 21 December 2019. It aims to promote core research in modern Biotechnology.

The Biotechnology industry is the fastest growing in the country, converting raw materials into innovations, discoveries, and products by combining biology and technology.

Looking at the figures, in 2016 the industry was worth the US $ 11 billion, which is expected to reach $ 100 billion by 2025. It is a favorite field of engineering youth.

A Biotechnology engineer can pursue excellent careers in the fields of Animal Husbandry, Agriculture, Medicine, Genetic Engineering, Environment Conservation, Healthcare, and Research and Development as per the specialization and interest did at graduation and postgraduate level.

According to another figure, as of 2016, there were around 1000 biotechnology startups in India. More than 50 Percent of these startups are working in the medical field. which has more focus on diagnostic, medicine and medical devices.

Talking about the remaining startups, 14 percent of this Agriculture Biotechnology, 03 percent working in Bioindustry, one percent Bioinformatics and 18 percent working in biotechnology service.

According to professor Sanjay Ghosh of the Biotechnology department of IIT Roorkee, the present time is of entrepreneurship. Biotechnology courses are the only ones that are capable of producing entrepreneurs.

There is a lot to be done in the field of enzymes. In which Biotech engineers can do excellent work. For example, petrochemical products are a matter of concern around the world at the moment but making biodiesel as an alternative is the responsibility of a biotech engineer.

Biocon established in 1978, four decades ago, started making enzymes. The value of this company is now more than $ 01 billion.

 Job Opportunity: Biotechnology 

In Biotechnology, here is the scope under biotechnology in all potential fields such as pharmaceutical, food manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture. And research-related work. Many other fields also contribute to Biotechnology.

This includes Biofertilizers, Biopesticides, green revolution or Bioinformatics to bring revolution in the field of Information Technology.

 Courses: Biotechnology 

You can apply in Biotechnology after the 10th. A diploma to a doctoral degree can be obtained.

Diploma: One can apply after passing the 10th for a diploma in biotechnology. The duration of this course is three years.

Undergraduate Course: To take admission in an undergraduate course in biotechnology, the entrance exam has to be given, The duration of the undergraduate course is mainly 04 years.

Postgraduate course: On postgraduate level in Biotechnology Mtech or Msc can be done.

 How to take admission: Biotechnology 

Through entrance exam you will get admission at the undergraduate level, JEE Mains and JEE Advanced exam is the most important entrance exam to tet admission in B.Tech courses. Students who want to get admission to higher education i.e. postgraduate level can prepare for entrance exams like GATE, IIT JAM.

The difficulty level of the exam conducted for admission in top engineering colleges of the country including IITs is very high.

These are the Best Institutions
IIT Madras
IIT Kharagpur
IIT Kanpur
IIT Bombay
IIT Delhi
Anna University Chennai

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