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 Gaming Career 

In the upcoming years, Gaming Career will become a hot career. There will be a lot of job prospects here. There are many Gaming Career options available in this industry, which is given below.

Keeping in mind the popularity of the PUBG (Player’s unknown battleground) in the country, the Chinese company Tencent organized a tournament for college students in Bangalore in partnership with Platonia.

In this, about two and a half lakh participants registered from more than one thousand colleges in 30 cities of the country. More importantly, the prize pool of the tournament was kept at fifty lakh rupees.

PUBG is not the only example that makes it clear that the market of e-sports ie mobile gaming is touching new heights in the country. Worldwide 2.34 billion gamers, the gaming industry has come a long way to establish itself.

According to the IT sector trade association NASSCOM, there are about a hundred companies associated with game development in the country. Today there is a great demand for professionals in this industry, from programmers and designers to audio engineers. You can also find a career for yourself in this emerging field.

 Game Designer (Gaming Career) 

Considered to be the architects of the games, these professionals work from planning to set for elements associated with the game. Apart from setting the rules of the game, it creates its atmosphere and story flow and sets different levels.

You can become a Game Designer by doing a Bachelor’s degree in Game Designing or a Btech in Computer Engineering or Computer Science.

 Narrative Designer 

It is the job of a Narrative Designer to decide which character to set in order to add context to the story of any game and what the next stage of the story will be, what the player will get after winning.

They write dialogues for characters and set them in games. You can choose this job role by taking a certificate in Creative Writing or Script Writing with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature or Mass Com.

 Visual Artist 

These provide physical structure to the characters of professional games and also try their best to make them stand out from each other. In addition, they also give a variety of effects and also decide the style of the characters’ activities.

You can progress further by taking a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Graphics or Art or Animation or Illustration.

 Audio Engineer 

The job of these professionals is to make the game a reality by adding a sound effect to a game including traffic sound, crowd noise, birds chirping. They produce audio by mixing a variety of sound effects.

A Bachelor’s degree in sound engineering or Audiography is required for this job role.

 Game Developer or Programmer 

Their job is to put technical options to run the game concept. He works with Game Artists, Game Designers, Game Producers, and Sound Technician. A Bachelor degree in Game Programming or Game Development or BE /Btech in Computer Science or Bachelor degree in Computer Application is required in Gaming Career.

 Game Tester 

They test the Games at various stages, analyze their performance, find and identify bugs and give advice on making changes in the games. Computer Science BE or Btech is a qualification required for this job. After this, ISTQB certified tester certification is also necessary.

 DevOps Engineer 

With the increasing craze of online gaming. The demand for these engineers to create and maintain networks and servers has increased. For this profession you will have to get Btech or BE degree in Computer Science Engineering.

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