Fine Arts: Career

 Fine Arts 

Famous artist John Ruskin has 4 coats, Fine Arts are where a person’s hand, heart, and brain work together. That is, if you can present objects, different forms of nature, someones’ pain, happiness, duplication in different ways, then Fine Arts career is for you.

This profession, which has taken a wide form with technology, is making a career in the careers of the youth. professor of the BHU visual arts department. According to DP Mohanty, Fine Arts is an extended-term.

Although people are making a career in it from long ago. The special thing is that after studying in this subject, youth have the option of self-employment as well as jobs.

After the arrival of new technology, there are many career options in it. Youngsters are earning both name and money by doing works like animation, Ad-designing, product designing. Like medical and engineering, it is now an established career.

 There is a lot of demand in these sectors 

Fine Arts graduate’s highest demand in Software Companies, Design works, Textile Industry, Advertising Companies, Digital Media, Publishing Houses, and Art Studios.

Talking about the field, after taking a course in Fine Arts, a career can also be made as an illustrator, cartoonist, etc. in the Ad-department, newspaper or magazine.

There are many opportunities in television, film, theater production, product design, animation studio, etc. Also, a career can be made as an art teacher in educational institutions. Freelance can also do. You can also work full-time or part-time as a professional art critic, art specialist, art dealer, art therapist, painter, etc. If you want to show your creativity in designing, then you can earn name and money by showing honors in product designing, automobile designing.

 Personal Skill 

The study of Fine Arts is completely different from any other subject. It is necessary to have creative talent and skill. Therefore, young people with artistic and creative talent should come in this field because the focus area of Fine Arts is around applied art, graphic design, painting, and sculpting.


Certificate, the diploma to degree level courses are being conducted in Fine Arts. Not only this, the Master and Ph.D. can only be done in Fine Arts. It offers courses ranging from one year to five years.

Diploma Course: This is a one year course. This can be done after 12th.

Undergraduate Course: Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) and Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA) can be done. It is a 4-5 year course. Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) can also be done. This is a three-year course.

Post Graduate Course: Master of Fine Arts (MFA) or Master in Visual Arts (MVA). This is a two-year course.

Apart from this, the Master of Art in Fine Arts (MA) can also be done. It is also a two-year course.

 Institution of Fine Arts 

India: Sir JJ School of Applied Arts, Vishwa Bharati University, College of Art University Delhi, Jamia Milia Islamia

United Kingdom: University of Lincoln, Tishid University, Liverpool john murse university.

USA: Arizona state university, Art central college of design, Maryland institute college of arts.

 These are some other career opportunity in Fine Arts 

In Fine Arts, some other posts are in which you also make a career like Fine Artist, Exhibition Designer, Graphic Designer, Commercial Art gallery manager, Community art worker, Lecturer, Illustrator, Printmaker, Art therapist, Museum curator, etc.

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