Leather Industry in India: [Career]

Leather Industry in India: India is a major exporter of leather, but apart from exporting leather and leather related products abroad, it is also used extensively in the domestic market. In the last few years, the scope of this field has further developed with the expansion of technology.

Currently, everyone uses leather products in one form or another. Apart from this, the demand for products made from it remains in the field of fashion and sports. In 2015-16, India exported leather and leather products worth about $6 billion.

Due to a large number of animals in the country, the industry is expanding. However, despite competition from other products, footwear has the highest share of leather products.

In addition, leather is used in large quantities in making belts, luggage and bags, jackets, gloves, purses, upholstery, and other products. The leather industry can be broadly divided into three parts designing, manufacturing, and marketing.

Leather technology is a branch of engineering that involves the process of manufacturing leather products. Apart from this, it also involves the process of making products using artificial leather. The increasing use of new technologies in the production process has increased the demand for trend professionals in the leather industry.

 Eligibility: Leather Industry in India 

Physics, Chemistry, and Maths in 12th class are necessary to take admission in a leather technology course. After completing the 12th students can take admission in its BSc or BTech course.

Admission to BTech course is obtained through JEE main score, while various institutes conduct their own entrance test for admission to the BSc course. One can take admission to the MTech program to pursue a master’s degree course. In the Most institute, MTech courses GATE score is required for admission. In addition, students can also take admission in Leather Technology diploma course.

 Job Prospect 

In Leather technology, there are opportunities for students to work in the country and abroad. They can work in government and private leather product manufacturing units.

Apart from this, students can work in managerial positions in leather firms, export houses, and government institutions. You can also make a career in the field of education.


Salary in this field depends largely on skill and experience. In the field of leather technology, the fresher is expected to get an initial monthly package of Rs. 15 to 20 thousand. After 4 to 5 years of experience, the annual package can be 5 to 6 lakh rupees.

However, in different institutions, the salary is likely to be different. Youth starting a career in the field of education can get a package of 25 to 30 thousand rupees per month.


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