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Digital Marketing Jobs: According to a report by KPMG, the average attention span of digital consumers has fallen from 12 seconds in 2007 to 8 seconds in 2016. With increasing time and technology, as this attention span decreases, the need for professional digital marketing executives will increase.

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Nowadays, more and more students are entering online digital marketing training to take advantage of this situation. Along with teaching the specifics of the subject, such online training gives you the opportunity to get a hands-on and industrial project that increases the number of skills in your curriculum vitae.

E-learning provides you with an affordable and easily available syllabus by providing interactive training. With the advancement of technology, digital marketing jobs have become one of the most employment generating industries.

After training in digital marketing, you can increase your knowledge, develop your skills and get top-notch jobs in digital marketing. Let us know the top 5 discussed aspects of digital marketing that you can learn in 2020.

 1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Search engine optimization or SEO is a process by which to optimize the content available on your website or blog. We use keywords when searching anything on the internet and this process is based on these keywords so that your platform appears at the top of the search engine ranking.

According to Marketo, approximately 67 percent of the total online clicks go to the first 5 listings of Google search results. Achieving top rank not only increases the number of clicks but also increases the company’s consumers. That is why it is very important for companies to achieve the top rank. Learning SEO strategy gives students the opportunity to work with recognized organizations.

 2. Email Marketing 

E-mail is one of the most interactive and informative mediums of communication due to which it attracts instant attention of the customers. Through email marketing, companies inform their customers periodically about any new announcement, event,k marketing offer or newsletter.

Email marketing has grown phenomenally over the past few years and, therefore, employers are looking for smart marketers who, with their core communication and email marketing skills, can increase the company’s customers.

 3. Content Marketing 

Content marketing is the art of properly informing customers and potential customers. According to a Forbes article, 82 percent of customers shopped online based on content marketing done by companies.

No digital marketing goal can be achieved without knowledgeable content, which is why companies have an important objective to produce informative and engaging content. Informative content is the pillar of all other aspects of online marketing, so it is very important to learn the art of content marketing to gain a place in any company.

 4. Mobile Marketing 

Mobile marketing is the only source of communication that the user has at all times. From being in our pockets to sitting with us at the work table, the presence of mobile phones is everywhere. To ensure that companies are in touch with their consumers all the time, they are working on everything from SMS and online advertisements to app marketing.

With the help of Mobile marketing training, you can not only learn SMS and MMS marketing but also optimize the website, email, and social media platforms to be used on mobile phones. People who are perfect in all these skills, reputed companies are in great need of them.

 5. Social Media Marketing 

Apart from posting selfies, liking memes and making new friends, people also do a lot of useful work on social media platforms. Showing ads between Facebook videos is not just a new trend, but a way of marketing that can change the likes and dislikes of customers.

Companies are constantly looking for people who can creatively produce engaging content for social media platforms. So, is scrolling on Instagram and Facebook feeds in free time is one of your habits, you can develop this habit into a skill by learning social media marketing and creating engaging content for consumers.

Over the years, digital marketing jobs have provided countless employment opportunities for those who are enthusiastic about the digital world and are well aware of what is needed to entice consumers.

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